Feel your Oats!

In the USA, EXSATIVA® the famous Swiss formula, has been featured onTV, news networks, radio stations and been making headlines in upscale magazines, tabloids and in major newspapers.

15 years of research conducted in the fields of sexual function, enhancement of muscle strength and endurance as well as improvement of attention span/memory demonstrate the positive effect to EXSATIVA®.

Suggested use: for the adults-one EXSATIVA® captle daily.

Ingredient: each captlet contains 300 mg of powered green oats (SWISSOATS A111(r)) specially processed to retain all the health factors in the plant, 150 mg of powdered nettle, that may help in the generation of healthy red blood cells, 100 mg of powdered sea buckthorn fruit, rich in vitamin C.

Also contains: microcrystalline cellulose, cornsarch, hydroxypropylmethyi-cellulose, methylcellulos, microcrystalline, silicon diodyde, hydrogenated soybean oil, shellac, iron oxide and titanium dioxide.

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